Sunday, May 1, 2011

1st Annual Fresh Grounds Coffeehouse Bake-Off

by Michele Barcey on Sunday, May 1, 2011 at 5:10pm
If you recall a few months ago, I casually mentioned that an asset to Greenville, PA was hosting a fundraiser to raise funds for the purchasing and installation of an elevator. That was the Fresh Grounds Coffeehouse 1st Annual Bake-Off...

And it all came to fruition yesterday.

I was so casually mentioning it before, because as the spear head behind the fundraiser, I was nervous about it's ability to succeed. There was a point about 45 days ago when I talked to a dear friend Martha (coffeehouse manager) and said we might have to cancel; only 3 or 4 people had entered. As it turns out I was nervous for nothing...

We easily raised over $500 with help from contributors over a dozen bakers and 18 delicious baked goods to choose from. Casual and entertaining judges came from around the community to assist in the process of announcing a winner. The judges included Martin Johnson, Director of Fresh Grounds Coffeehouse and President of Downtown Ministries; Peter Candela, Mayor of the Borough of Greenville; Jan Hurlbert, owner of Hurlbert's Hardware (local long-standing business in downtown Greenville), and Michelle Earnhart (sp.?), head baker for Fresh Grounds Coffeehouse.

The competition was severe, and presentation was just the start. Everything looked absolutely to die for. There were cakes, pies, cookies, and breads. The winner was announced: a Hawaiian Sunset Cake made by Carla Campbell. Second place went to Allison Good for Lemon Burst and third place to Rich Carbo for Heavenly Chocolate Angel Delight.

Carla was awarded two framed art prints donated by local artists and fellow Fresh Grounds Coffeehouse volunteers, a trophy, and the honor of being a judge at next years Bake-Off.

After Carla was announced the big winner, there was a raffle to allow community members to take home some of the desserts that were made for the event. All the money made with the raffle also went toward the Elevator Campaign.

It was a pleasure to see community members come together and support something that is working toward improving this small town. This was the first year for this fundraiser, but I assure you that this casual, yet entertaining event is not a one-time deal for Fresh Grounds.

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